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TLM258 Industrial Remote Telemetry Unit & Data Logger

TLM258 Remote Telemetry Unit

TLM258 is an advanced, industrial, multi purpose remote telemetry unit and data logger specially designed to meet stringent requirements of precision measurement, data acquisition, validation and archiving applications.

It provides ease of use while delivering performance and flexibility. TLM258 not only meets local measurement, control and archiving needs, but also provides a complete solution for remote monitoring and management of systems distributed over large geographical areas. 

TLM258, in addition to performing measurements and controls via its conventional inputs and outputs, it can also interface to various number and type of external smart sensors via its smart sensor interface. This provides great flexibility, expandability, and ease of installation. Examples include temperature, humidity, dew point measurements, flooding and smoke, detection, RFID based security management in an environmental monitoring system.

             CR258 RFID Card Reader        STH258 Temperature & Humidity Sensor

TLM258 has extensive features for Internet based remote access. All configuration, reporting, monitoring and diagnostics features are also available remotely via the designated communication channels, to form a modern supervisory monitoring and management system which requires very low number of visits to remote stations and fewer personnel for operations and maintenance. 

Key Features:

  • Secure industrial communication protocols, 16/32 CRC
  • TCP, UDP, Modbus support, electric meter reading via IEC 62056-21
  • Easy interface to external systems via Ethernet, USB, RS232 and RS485 ports
  • Real time multitasking operating system
  • On board memory, optional µSD card for larger data logging requirements
  • Configurable data archiving, min/max, average values
  • Hierarchical alarm structure. Alarm and event logging
  • Sensor bus allows flexible interface to smart RFID readers, temperature, humidity sensors, smoke and flooding detectors
  • RFID based access control, remote dynamic authorization, security control
  • Isolated analog inputs
  • Isolated AC/DC digital inputs with configurable digital filters
  • Isolated relay outputs
  • Real Time Clock with Lithium battery backup, remote time sync
  • Internet based remote access, configuration, monitoring, diagnostics and firmware update
  • Easy configuration via built-in webserver
  • Local configuration and firmware update via USB flash sticks
  • Stainless, slim 1U rackmount housing
  • Industrial operating temperature and voltage range


  • SCADA and telemetry
  • General purpose monitoring, control and data logging
  • Network monitoring and management systems
  • Security and access control systems 
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