JJ Sleet

Smart AMR/AMI Units

Smart AMR Units and Data Concentrators

RFLO smart meter reading units and data concentrators are used with automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) architectures for electric, gas and water. They collect information and data, often from multiple meters, before forwarding data to the utility for billing, troubleshooting and analyzing. 

Common features include::

  • Provide reliable communication with meters and head ends
  • Secure consumers’ data and information
  • Interfaces to smart electric, gas and water meters
  • High performance
  • Long term real-time data archiving
  • On board RTC with variety of of time sync options
  • Real time multi tasking operating system
  • Alarm and event logging
  • Variety of communication protocols
  • Local and remote configuration, programming and diagnostics
  • Low power
  • -30°C..+70°C operating temperature



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