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RFLO series of products consist of high performance gas flow computers mainly designed for reducing and metering stations, and compact electronic volume correctors intended for both offline and online distribution metering and management applications.

Major calculations include mass, energy, volume, density, heating value, specific gravity, and compressibility as per the AGA5, AGA7, AGA8, AGA NX19, GERG, ISO 6976 and ISO 12213-3.

In addition to advanced gas metering functions, RFLO products combine many RTU like features such as additional analog and digital I/O channels, remote configuration upload and download, remote firmware update, data and event logging.

RFLO gas metering products support number of communication features such as GPRS, UHF MAS radio, fiber optics, RS485 and RS232, to provide complete solution for the gas utilities to achieve fast, efficient and cost effective network operation and management.

The RFLO family also offers complementary products such as remote telemtry units, media/interface/protocol converters, GPRS based AMR modules for water, gas and electric meters, IS barriers, and high efficiency, medium power, MPPT solar charge controllers.

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