JJ Sleet

ConfigFlo Engineering Utility

ConfigFlo is an engineering utility which provides complete access to any RFLO metering product in a distribution network, for configuration, monitoring, diagnostics and firmware update, both locally and remotely.

  • Seamless and complete access to any RFLO metering product in the network
  • Easy access only by station name. No network knowledge necessary
  • No stall or interruption of ongoing network communications
  • Multiple and simultaneous access to a single EVCD from different locations
  • Internet based remote connection provides access to any site from any location
  • Encrypted, secure communications
  • Variety of user privileges provides restricted access when needed
  • Local and remote configuration, monitoring, diagnostics, and firmware update
  • Firmware update enables addition of new software features to the existing system
  • Provides fast, efficient field monitoring and management
  • Greatly cuts site visits
  • PDA version allows easy handling for mobile maintenance teams


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